#1 Does the wifi signal go through brick and steel? by nicolesmithus 30.05.2018 16:01

Hi there,

I have a having problem-related wifi please help me to solve this. I want to know about, Does the wifi signal go through brick and steel?
Please give me better suggestion related to this topic.
Thank You

#2 RE: Does the wifi signal go through brick and steel? by nataliasimmons 30.05.2018 17:07

It's the challenge that comes with every great step forward in home technology: How to retrofit the old house with pipes for those newfangled gaslights. What to do with the steam lines that replaced the coal stove long after the walls were plastered over. Where to put wires for electricity and telephone and cable television and computers and surround-sound home theater.

Well, as for the gas pipes — people just drilled through the basement beams supporting the upper stories and ran them right up through the floor. And no hiding the steam pipes, which poked through a corner of the room and snaked along the surface of the wall from floor to ceiling. Ditto for TV cables, which got tacked to every piece of visible trim in the living room.

But computers are another story. With today's Wi-Fi technology, you can beam a high-speed Internet connection anywhere in the house without a single unsightly wire. But getting a Wi-Fi network to perform its best is more complicated than just unpacking the hardware and plugging it in. You have to deal with the quirks of your house — room layouts, what the walls and floors are made of, where that Mexican mirror is hanging — which can get in the way of a clean Internet signal the same way 2-inch-thick horsehair plaster blocks those stereo wires

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