#1 How To Setup Frontier Email On Your Kindle Device? by graciescott 07.06.2018 15:58


I'm facing a problem related to my Frontier email. I just want to Setup Frontier Email On Your Kindle Device. But i don't know how to setup and what can i do. If anyone can have better option for me so please suggest me.

Thank You

#2 RE: How To Setup Frontier Email On Your Kindle Device? by lilymitchell 07.06.2018 16:40

Now, we are going to discuss the steps for 1st generation kindle fire tablet
a) Go to apps from the home screen and click on ‘Email’.
b) If you are configuring the email for the first time, then select the email service provider i: e, Frontier com login from the list. If the name of your email provider is not in the list, then click on ‘other’.
c) Enter the username in the next field. This is your complete email address and email password. Click ‘Next’ to select the POP3/IMAP servers.
d) Under the incoming server configurations, you will find the settings available by default. You need to change some of them. The password and the username of your Frontier email login will remain unchanged.
e) Now enter the server name in the next field and check the security type. Change the security type to SSL for authentication purpose. Select PLAIN and set the port number to 993 for IMAP and 995 for POP servers.
f) If you are using IMAP servers, then don’t forget to fix IMAP in front of the server address or it will be automatically added.
g) Now, you need to check the outgoing server settings of your Frontier email. These settings will set automatically by default.
h) Change few settings like server name and security type. In server name, you can type smtp.office365.com and in Security type, select TLS. Enter 587 in the port number field and verify the settings required for sign-in.
i) Click ‘Next’ to move further. Select ‘Automatic’ when prompted for authentication type. For inbox page settings, you need to set the interval after which your Kindle will check the inbox. If you have set it as ‘More often’ then you will be able to access the emails quickly.
j) Enter the name on the last page which you want to get displayed on the front screen. You can now check your emails in the inbox folder from your Kindle device.
k) Click ‘Finish’ to end the setup. For any type of Frontier help, you can contact us at our toll-free number.

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