#1 Exterminator bug services by exterminatorbugs 22.06.2019 12:25

If you woke up this morning to find a series of red, itchy and irritating marks on your body, you have likely fallen victim to bed bugs. Bed bugs are classified as pests, so it is very important to call your local Exterminator bug services provider so your bed bug problem can be solved with as soon as possible. In the meantime, there are ways in which you can search for bed bugs in the bedroom. However, it is important to first understand bed bugs. Bed bugs can hide virtually anywhere and can fit inside cracks that are as thin as a compact disc. This makes searching for bed bugs rather hard to do, but it must be done to help pest control services find them more quickly, as well, If not around your bed, they can also lay inside or around other furniture, such as recliners, sofas, and office chairs. Look beneath or under your furniture, inside cushions, and under cushions for possible signs of bed bugs. It also isn’t a bad idea to look inside the seams located under the furniture near the legs. You should also look in other places in your bedroom, such as inside cracks, inside folds, underneath mattresses and more. They can also hide in places such as inside of a drawer, behind the curtains or drapes and even in or under the carpet. There is no place in the room where bed bugs cannot possibly settle, unfortunately. You will need to wear gloves, in addition to having a flashlight and a straight edge object like a paint scraper. Look for bugs, in addition to eggs, droppings and shed skin.

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