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Marketing is actually rather simple. Marketing is communication about an idea, product Cheap Frederik Andersen Shirt , service, or organization. Marketing therefore encompasses advertising, promotion and sales as well as the various techniques and forms of communication used to advertise, promote and sell.

Marketing is broader than simple advertising or promotion in that it includes researching the market to learn what consumers want and then setting out to meet their needs with the appropriate product, price, and distribution method. Marketing includes market research Cheap Connor Brown Shirt , deciding on products and prices, advertising promoting distributing and selling.

Marketing also covers all the activities involved in moving products and services from the source to the end user including making customers aware of products and services, attracting new customers to a product or service, keeping existing customers interested in a product or service, and building and maintaining a customer base for a product or service.

Internet marketing includes these same activities but also pulls in various internet tools including web sites, email Cheap James Van Riemsdyk Shirt , ezines, banner advertising, blogging, RSS, text links, search engine optimization Cheap Nikita Zaitsev Shirt , affiliates, autoresponders, and other ecommerce applications

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