#1 How to fix Quickbooks error code 61686 by siafurler073333 07.11.2019 09:54

Sometimes, users come across QuickBooks error code 61686 while installing the software, which is caused due to various reasons. If you intend to fix this error as soon as possible, refer to the steps provided below:

Steps to fix QuickBooks error code 61686:

Step 1: You should repair the registry entries associated with the error code 61686
Step 2: Perform a complete malware scan
Step 3: Update PC drivers
Step 4: Remove all the junks available on your system
Step 5: All available Windows updates should be installed
Step 6: Reinstall Windows installer program associated with QuickBooks error 61686.
Proper execution of these steps will hopefully take you out of the problem. If the error persists, prefer contacting QuickBooks customer support and ask the experts for additional assistance regarding the matter.

Solved: How to fix Quickbooks error code 61686

#2 RE: How to fix Quickbooks error code 61686 by AdrianG001 02.12.2019 22:37

Below is a list of solutions that can help you troubleshoot the error code 61686 in QuickBooks. Check the solution to fix QuickBooks Error 61686

Solution 1: Use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to solve Microsoft.NET, MSXML and C ++ issues

Step 1: You need to download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.

Step2. save the file to the local Desktop, when prompted,

Step3. Close any open programs

Step4. run the QB Install Tool

Step5. depending on your internet speed and computer’s performance, it may take up to 20mins to complete,

Step6. At last, you have to restart the computer

Step7. After running the device, to ensure the components are updated properly

Solution 2: Install All Available Windows Updates

Check the steps for how to install a window update which will help fix QuickBooks error 61686.

Step1. The first step is to click the Start option.

Step2. Enter "Refresh" in the current box and press Enter.

Step3. The Windows Update dialog box will appear on the screen.

Step4. Click on the install updates option and the Windows update will begin.

Solution 3: Repair Registry Entries Associated with Error 61686

Step1. Press on the Start Button.

Step2. In the checkbox, enter the details "Notification" and try not to hit yet!

Step3. Press CTRL-Shift and click Enter.

Step4. You will get a dialog box on your screen

Step5. Click OK and a black box will open

Step6. Click on "Edit again" sort and press Enter.

Step7. Select to choose the Error 61686-related key (eg. Windows Installer) you need to go down, In the Registry Editor

Step8. choose Export, From the File menu,

Step9. Select the organizer where you need to clear the Windows installer file key, save it in the list

Step10. Enter the name for your file document in the file name box, for example, "Windows Installer Backup".

Step11.Make sure that the "selected branch" has been selected, save the export range box and tick in.

Step12. The record is unpublished with a .reg document enlargement, then the record is unpublished

Step13. now you have a relative of your Windows Installer-related to registry section

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