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The raw materials are intercropped with tobacco spice crops such as roses and lavender to implement the first-level field fragrance; the first roasting together with the spice plants, the second-level roasting and flavoring; the separation and screening of the dominant strains from the tobacco warehouse soil is used for the storage of tobacco It realizes three-level aging and fragrance adjustment; independently developed and formulated special spices, supplemented by proprietary technologies such as microbial fragrance production and slow release of fragrance substances Marlboro Red, and completes the fourth-level rhyme and fragrance in the last process. The natural mature smoke has a harmonious and sweet scent, the aroma is bright and transparent, the base aroma is thick and rich Marlboro Lights, the strength is moderate, the concentration is moderate, the aftertaste is more comfortable, and it has a better aroma satisfaction and physiological satisfaction. 3. The length of the expensive cigarette is 84mm, the filter tip: 25mm, the color of the classic expensive cigarette outer packaging, the classic taste of the expensive cigarette Cigarettes For Sale, this cigarette is obviously good in tar reduction, and the taste is mellow and light. The quality of the expensive cigarette has always been good and supported. Let's take a look at the parameter information: tar amount: 10mg nicotine amount: 1mg carbon monoxide amount: 11mg The outer packaging of cigarettes is mainly colored with bright yellow, and the strip packaging is printed with golden lilies. The overall color of the packaging is warm yellow and bright, and the contrast color relationship and the similar color relationship are transformed and merged into a whole, representing that the smoke is natural and conveying the purest and most original taste.
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Cheap Discount Cigarettes Free Shipping

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