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    • AdrianG001 has written a new post " Techniques To Follow To Make Money On The Web " 12.11.2019

      A good source of income can be creating your own website.

      There are countless ways to make money from a website. However, the main factor in deciding whether or not a website will make money is based on how much traffic it’s getting. Without traffic it will be impossible to make any money.

      Once you have traffic you can try out these different methods below:

      Email marketing
      Sell advertising space
      Create a job board
      Sell a service
      Review products and then sell them as an affiliate
      Promote products as an affiliate
      Membership site
      Create your own digital product (ebook, course, videos) and sell it
      Sell directly listings
      Host a webinar and then sell something to the audience
      Write “how-to” guides and promote something
      Publish a book
      Offer live training or a workshop
      Sell your site

    • AdrianG001 has created the topic "What are the advantages of using Microsoft Office 365?". 12.03.2019

    • AdrianG001 has created the topic "What are the advantages of using Microsoft Office 365?". 12.03.2019

    • AdrianG001 has created the topic "What is VDI, and how does it work?". 12.03.2019

    • AdrianG001 has written a new post "How to use GoPayment in QuickBooks?" 12.03.2019

      How to Connect GoPayment account with QuickBooks Online
      Let’s see the steps you can follow to integrate your GoPayment account with QuickBooks Online.

      Start by choosing the Gear Icon.
      Then select Account and Settings/Company Settings.
      From the left menu, select Payments.
      Select Connect in the existing account section.
      Any Merchant accounts associated with your user id will be searched by QuickBooks.
      Make sure that the correct Merchant account is listed.
      Now link the account by selecting Link account.
      How to Set Up Mobile Sync in QuickBooks Point of Sale
      Start by signing in to your Intuit Payments Account in your Point of sale.
      Now click Edit Settings under Payment Preferences and choose according to your industry. Unselect any recommended selected options and check the box Accept debit/ATM card payments.
      Select File>Preferences>Company Preferences.
      Turn on Mobile Sync.
      You decrease or increase sync frequency by turning Mobile sync on or off.
      Now select the Mobile Sync option.
      Note: By clicking the icon of Cloud in the top right-hand area of your Point of Sale application at any given period you can also perform a manual sync, which transfers more items or receipts.

      How to Sync GoPayment and Inventory
      Open Edit Inventory Item option and after the Item List, choose the item you want to put up for sale in GoPayment.

      Click Edit, Under the More Info Widget, check the Sync to Mobile box.
      Click Save.

      Hope this helps.

      Learn more about Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise | QuickBooks Versions | QuickBooks 2020 Pro

    • AdrianG001 has written a new post "The main reason for outsourcing payroll processing" 12.02.2019

      Payroll processing is most crucial aspect of HR in every organization. Now a day’s many employers are outsourcing payroll or using payroll management software for accuracy and time saving.

      Here are few advantages and disadvantages of Payroll outsourcing:


      1. Payroll taxes become much easier to file
      2. Saves Time
      3. Cost saving for small businesses.


      1. Difficult to immediately access data.
      2. Mistakes can take extra time to correct.
      3. Cost savings is not always experienced.
      4. Payroll firms may go out of business.
      5. Threat to confidential data
      6. Loss of control
      7. Inconsistencies in the Quality of Work

    • AdrianG001 has written a new post "How to fix Quickbooks error code 61686" 12.02.2019

      Below is a list of solutions that can help you troubleshoot the error code 61686 in QuickBooks. Check the solution to fix QuickBooks Error 61686

      Solution 1: Use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to solve Microsoft.NET, MSXML and C ++ issues

      Step 1: You need to download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.

      Step2. save the file to the local Desktop, when prompted,

      Step3. Close any open programs

      Step4. run the QB Install Tool

      Step5. depending on your internet speed and computer’s performance, it may take up to 20mins to complete,

      Step6. At last, you have to restart the computer

      Step7. After running the device, to ensure the components are updated properly

      Solution 2: Install All Available Windows Updates

      Check the steps for how to install a window update which will help fix QuickBooks error 61686.

      Step1. The first step is to click the Start option.

      Step2. Enter "Refresh" in the current box and press Enter.

      Step3. The Windows Update dialog box will appear on the screen.

      Step4. Click on the install updates option and the Windows update will begin.

      Solution 3: Repair Registry Entries Associated with Error 61686

      Step1. Press on the Start Button.

      Step2. In the checkbox, enter the details "Notification" and try not to hit yet!

      Step3. Press CTRL-Shift and click Enter.

      Step4. You will get a dialog box on your screen

      Step5. Click OK and a black box will open

      Step6. Click on "Edit again" sort and press Enter.

      Step7. Select to choose the Error 61686-related key (eg. Windows Installer) you need to go down, In the Registry Editor

      Step8. choose Export, From the File menu,

      Step9. Select the organizer where you need to clear the Windows installer file key, save it in the list

      Step10. Enter the name for your file document in the file name box, for example, "Windows Installer Backup".

      Step11.Make sure that the "selected branch" has been selected, save the export range box and tick in.

      Step12. The record is unpublished with a .reg document enlargement, then the record is unpublished

      Step13. now you have a relative of your Windows Installer-related to registry section

    • AdrianG001 has written a new post "How to Download and install Norton Antivirus Security in a Smartphone" 12.02.2019

      1. On your Android device, Go to playstore
      If you cannot find Norton Mobile Security on Google Play Store or if you do not have Play Store installed on your Android device, you can directly download the Norton Mobile Security app using the side-load feature. Tap Install, and then tap Accept to install the app.
      2. When the installation finishes, tap Open.
      3. Read and accept the Norton License Agreement and Terms of Use, and Norton Mobile Privacy Policy. Tap Continue.
      Norton Mobile Security performs the initial setup and runs LiveUpdate, Anti-Malware scan, and App Advisor scan. When the setup is complete, you need to sign in to your Norton account to make use of all the features of Norton Mobile Security.
      4. In the top-left corner, tap the menu icon , and then tap Sign in.
      5. Type your Norton account email address and password, and then tap Sign In.



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